Tuesday, 17 September 2019


My Fix!

I didn't get to this sooner as I am having eye problems. Staying off the computer or at least limiting
the time I spend here will help my
eye heal a bit.

I love, loved my fix from Stitch fix.
I read a lot of reviews and was not sure
what to think.  I was both nervous and excited. 
Knowing I could send everything back, helped.
That meant I was not suck with anything.

I have a code if you want to try it. 
This would cover your styling fees

Also helps me out a bit as this is
my way to shop for clothes.
They send you a style card, so you can 
see what will mix with your choice.
 My great love is the cardigan my stylist picked for me.

Would I have picked it? No, I would have missed
out on a great piece.

There are five items, the next was the pants! Only the item in the middle of the picture, is the item sent.
The pants were the one thing I was most worried about
both with size and style.  Not to worry, they fit perfect and
I love the style.  Again a style card, with suggestions.

Okay just one more!  I did get and kept five, but I need to save something for another post.
My super favorite is the plaid shirt. I told my stylist I love red
and she came through with this red plaid shirt. Love, love it.

who would not love this cardigan. 


  1. Oh my word, they all look amazing. I really like everything. I don't think you can go wrong with any of it.

  2. Oh Nonie, I love red plaid shirts, and I wear mine every Fall and Winter. That is so cute. The striped cardigan is cute also. You can wear different colored shirts underneath it too. Jeans are a must in Fall. I'm glad you were happy with Stitch Fix. I was wondering about it, as I've seen commercials lately. I think Fall clothes are the most comfortable of all. : )


    1. Sheri, it was a hard decision to make and scary. They have you tell your stylist just what you like and do not like and I think that made it easier for me.

  3. Nonie, Plaids are so good for fall and red will be nice at Christmas too. I love the idea of the style cards. So clever and helpful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Susie, you are so right, that shirt will be excellent for Christmas.