Monday 29 June 2020


Want to escape?

I know the perfect spot.  

Lets go to Silver Falls.

Not that far from the road, in fact the trail starts
at the road.

The sound, the cool of the air, the smell.
All of it put me in such a peaceful state of mind.
No rioting, no news blaring how bad things are.
No germs!
Just the loud roar of the water.  Silver falls is in stages, the biggest, fall, followed by continuing smaller falls.

This is the top of the falls.
There is a bridge, so you can walk over the falls plus a wonderful sitting area.  
You can picnic, and enjoy just relaxing.

Tuesday 23 June 2020


On my list of have to have.
I am still upset with myself because 
When Christmas shopping I spotted a little red truck.  It was all by itself and the price was very good.  I thought of purchasing it, but had a couple other things to buy and would come back for it.  
I never did.

I really wasn't thinking beyond Christmas at the time.

Just look at this
Home is where the boat is

Mary used the truck!

Just shows me how limited my thinking can be. The truck does not need to sit in the
Christmas storage box.

Now, I am on a new quest for the little red truck.

Also, why am I limiting myself to patriotic displays of red, white and blue to just the fourth?
I am now thinking those colors will look fabulous at Christmas 
and all year.

Thursday 11 June 2020


I am thinking seriously!  Has it come to that!

Yes, yes it has.
I know, who could get excited about a sink? I can't tell you how excited I was to find out, I could have a full size sink.  Mobile homes come, with tiny, little one dish sinks.  When the contracor asked me, why I wanted him to put back the tiny sink, I really didn't know I had a choice.  I thought the tiny sink was there for a reason!!

It was off, shopping for a real sink. So yes, I am excited about a sink.

My next most exciting moment has been
faucets in the bath.

The ones already there started leaking.  It was soon a full gush.

I called a pluming company, that came and
told me those faucets were no longer available.
They would have to tear out the wall behind the tub, and install new plumbing to the tune of $1,200.00
I had no clue what to do! I didn't think about my son being a builder and having a plumber.
  That is a duh moment.
Well. my son heard my problem, sent his plumber.


are those not the prettiest faucets?

Who knew this adventure could be so exciting.

Saturday 6 June 2020

Another step done!

One more step

We have been working to fix up a mobile home.
Many set backs have happened along the way, but we 
were able to take one more step and get the cooktop


We had just finished the back tile when this picture was taken


You would think I could hold the camera straight!
Here she is, in all her beauty.

Next will be the microwave, as soon as I find one I love.

Thursday 4 June 2020

Not A Master Chef

Basic food here:

I married a very fussy eater, so I didn't venture out much with food.
I learned to put onions through the blender, before adding them to
recipes.  A ,what you don't know,  wont be complained about.
His mom was a wonderful cook, and I always over ate,  when we
went to her house for dinner.
In fact she made the first tacos I ever had!  Even making her own tortillas.    At the time Mexican food was not popular in our state, and they had moved here from California.

I ventured out and tried something, I made up!

I had some chicken thighs, I had some honey mustard
dressing (because I love it).

Put the honey mustard dressing, over the chicken thighs
and baked
Oh my golly, that was the best chicken thighs I have 
had in a long time.

So good, I had to take a picture!