Sunday 20 February 2022

Sorry for the past dirty pictures

 I think it is time I just sit back and wait.  The temperatures will be back to super cold this next week.

At least there is a bit of hope, that spring will come, flowers will bloom. 

We will be able to sit in the shade, complain it is too hot and sip our sweet tea.

I have been enjoying time in my sewing room. My sweet daughter in law, likes what I make for her.  so, you know that makes creating even more fun.

I like to call them Stacey boxes.

I never know for sure what will go in the box. a few past things have been

Set of four cupcake placemats. for celebrating birthdays. All have the orange frosting except the blue with the sprinkles, that is for the birthday person.

Reading pillow for chole

One for Blake

A few kitchen towels

Keeping busy waiting for spring.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

A search for green

The snow is melting so slow, the sun has been shinning for the last few days and that does help but it is still a pile of dirty.

The pretty white fluffy snow has become a pile of frozen dirt.

So, I went on a search for signs of life.
I know it is only February, not sure what I would find.

Well, look who is peaking from the leaves!
I wasn't sure the Hen and chicks would survive temperatures reaching zero.

Greener!  I think these are violas. I am not clearing away any leaves, our nights are still freezing.

No clue what this is, it is green and that is all that matters right now. 

The Iris! Looks like we will have new ones.

Last of all is a very confused house plant. 

Leave it to me to have a few of those.

A Christmas cactus that decided it was ready to show some love.

The garden is not ready for clean up, I just needed to know it will be there when the time comes.

Thursday 10 February 2022

A few more before and after

When I spotted the brown tiles for the back splash area, everything changed.

Another before picture:


The wall color is Sherwin/Williams, Macadamia

The back tile is from Lowes.  The cabinets got a coat of S/W White oil base.

The spice rack has been with me forever! I spotted the large version in a store selling spices and they got in the smaller version for me.

You might notice a lot of Mrs. Dash seasoning. Steve is not to have salt (but I know he sneaks it).

The rest of my spices are in the tiny cabinet above.

I tried one of those "As seen on TV" shelf units. I have only seven inches of space and was able to get one rack in.

Before, very disorganized

Better. I am trying to decide if I should install the puck light. Of course, I would stick it to the top. Not sure if it will take up too much space.  I am working with seven inches.


Monday 7 February 2022

Try to organize

Living tiny is a work in progress. 

Every day, I move something to see if it will work better in another place.  If nothing else, this is an adventure. I think

the worst pace is the kitchen followed by my sewing room. Two places I send the most time. Trying to so some planning before we moved in, I had the counter space built out in the kitchen area. 

It was a terrible space, so much just wasted. To make things clear this is not the home I wanted to buy, it was a deal with the hand you are dealt type of thing.

Huge waste of space. (before)

Knowing I have large appliances, that I am not planning on getting rid of, I thought what not expand that space.  That would make a larger workspace plus a storage area.

so, I asked the builders to attack the kitchen first.

Sorry for the pictures, Steve took them with his phone. I had the area made into one large space. Below there are two shelves (very deep) on the left. Plus, on the right side there are shelves.

Large appliances, such as mixers, and slow cookers are stored there.

I was even able to have a full-sized sink installed. I have no clue why they put tiny little things in the kitchen and bath.  Good grief, do they not know you are actually going to live here?
I do have a question about that light fixture, that space looking thing. 

Is that something you would keep?

Saturday 5 February 2022

Still in a deep freeze

 We have been in the deep freeze for longer than I care to remember.

Not only cold but also fogged in, so each day was grey.  Our highs have been staying in the 20's.

Now!  it looks like there is a change.  We will see the sun and maybe just maybe the snow will start to melt.

This is my lawn.  Good point is it doesn't need any mowing. Bad point is, it is white, all white.  Day after day white!!

We almost lost our carport.  We did manage to move the cars out and grandson Chad came and shoveled the snow off. Jenn, our granddaughter in law, shoveled all the walks and the porch.


Then the pretty snow starts getting a bit dirty!

Since the kids would not accept money for shoveling snow, I had an arrangement sent. No one refuses flowers and Apple Blossom floral does beautiful bouquets.


Our winter so far!