Saturday, 17 February 2018


 Monday, my sweet hubby had a stroke.  He was in the kitchen starting to bake a cake.  I was in another room but heard noises that just were so wrong, so I went to investigate and saw him hanging on to the kitchen sink about to fall.  
There was nothing I could do but grab him and help make the fall a little softer.  I called 911 and also called out son that works near by.  Most of the following all becomes a blur. They did fly Steve to Seattle trauma center one of the best places to be.
As of now, he is recovering.  It will be slow, and so far he is not able to come to this area.  We live three hours away from Seattle and over a snow covered pass.  I did stay with him for a couple of days but for both of us, it was better I come home.

 It was a snow covered world when I woke this morning. I have never been so happy about snow then I am today, for some reason it seems to be a calming feature.  So quiet and calming.

I am going to try to write often, just to help me get though this.  I am looking forward to being able to post on your blogs but for right now, I try to read and nothing is registering.   

Sunday, 28 January 2018


                        Back to blogging

Sorry, I went missing.  The computer decided it no longer wanted to work.  How frustrating these machines can be.
So off to the shop it went, with the result in the tech's saying it was old and needed to be replaced.  How frustrating!!
Well, long story short, I have no clue what they did, but for now it is working and I will be happy with that.

Another, sad thing happened.  We had to put our beloved Joker down.  He was having some trouble but as all pet owners I hoped and prayed they were not serious.  Turned out they were serious and he was very, very old.  Joker, was so loyal and so sweet.  I will miss him very much.


Saturday, 16 December 2017


              A memory most of us share

My daughter, was explaining her Christmas tree dilemma .  
She will be hosting the family Christmas  this year but because they just adopted a kitten!!  Putting up the tree right now was not an option.

She was explaining  how in the old days 👵  the tree was not put up until Christmas day and then taken down the same day.  Not, sure if this is true but it was her explanation.

She went on to say "you remember"😒 well no!  not really.
What I do remember is the orange in my stocking.  It was a big deal!! 
  I don't remember getting a lot of gifts.  I do remember the stocking.  Filled with nuts and that wonderful orange.

Sunday, 10 December 2017




I know, there are people holding it together that have a better reason for a pity party then I do.  
But, I thought maybe I would get off this merry go round of pity if I shared it!!

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with macular degeneration, in my right eye.   The treatment is a course of shots to the eye.  I know, when I was first told, I must have read the consent forum a hundred times.  You know, the one giving permission!!!    I just knew, they did not mean a shot in the EYE!!  Who does that????

So, for awhile the shots seem to be working, my eye sight was holding.  Over the past few months, the shot's have stopped working and vision is slowly decreasing in that eye.

Next month they will try a new medicine, no guarantees. 
it is effecting how I sew, sometimes it is funny as I reach for thread that is not there, other times it is frustrating.

This is just a set back, and like I said, there are people holding it all together, that are worse off then me. Thank you for letting me vent.  

Friday, 8 December 2017


                       Christmas memories from the past

      My little Lulu loved the snow.  Hated rain but loved snow                     I miss her so much.
                                      Grandbabies, waiting for Christmas

                         Ornaments that have a story

                Grandbabies that cut their hair, right before going to the nutcracker ballet.

 These are a few of my favorite things.   Maybe what I love the most about Christmas is the memories we make.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


                  A bag for everyone

I really do love to wrap presents.  This year I have some strange size items and finding boxes was getting to be a chore.  So----bags it will be!!

                   Big bags and little bags-lots and lots of bags.

                Mr. snowman, is out of the box,  this is his favorite time of the year.  He gets to stay out for awhile because he is a winter decoration, not just for Christmas.  I love having my snowmen around in the winter months.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017



Christmas is about memories.  It is as much about past Christmases as it is about the present one.
Every ornament I pick up has a memory attached, every decoration tells a story.
This year, is actually my first Christmas to decorate in our new/old house. Last year I spent in not the best circumstance.   As I have shared, we have down sized, so when the boxes of decorations where brought here from storage, I felt panic.  I am not the type of person that parts with things easily.  I knew, something would have to go---
That something, ended up being my Christmas village (insert tears).  I was so blessed to find out my son Tony and his family would be glad to take the village.  will have to share pictures of it all put together.
BUT!!!  there was a hold out, a little house I could not part with.  One Christmas, my granddaughter Zoe, came running in the house on Christmas eve and put this little house right in the middle of all the village homes.  I wanted to cry, how precious this little house is.  How it got to take center stage in the village.  How it is a hold out and is decorating my home this year.