Friday 31 May 2019


Prayers for Carter
I spoke to soon.  I think most of it was wishful thinking.
Carters surgery is scheduled for
June 17th, where the surgeon will remove a
small portion of his skull and chiari  decompression.
Please include his mommy Jennifer in your prayers
Jennifer said to thank you all, the out poring of prayers and concerns has really spoke to her heart about how good people are.

Wednesday 29 May 2019



I have found I was waiting for news on Carter before I posted.  Shame on me.
At this time there has been no cause found and Carter continues to be a happy boy. I am thinking, at this point, they will never know.

I have also been so busy, with the quilt process.
I set a goal for myself, to get both quilts to Patty, my lady with the long arm.  at the same time.

So here is where I am at this point.

Chloe's quilt.  I need to get the binding on, pick a backing and it is ready.

One block from Zoe's quilt.
All the blocks on Zoe's quilt are different, so we will see how that goes.

As soon as I am ready, I will pick the binding and backing for this quilt, then off they go. 
So, that is where I am right now. I will do better at keeping my postings.

Sunday 12 May 2019


Nothing yet

I wanted to give you all an update on Carter.
Also, to thank you for your prayers.

No findings so far.
I am wondering if they will ever find the cause.
The good is, the bad things have been ruled out.

Carter is such a trooper

Thank you so much for your prayers
Carter can use a few more as he goes
through this.

Thursday 9 May 2019


Carter needs prayer

I am asking for prayers for my sweet, sweet
Great grandson Carter.

Carter started having seizures with
no known cause.  They are looking for
an answer, so as he meets with the
neurosurgeon, I ask that you please keep
Carter in your prayers.

Thank you

Saturday 4 May 2019


Then the two books that have become my constant companions  are:
This is a recent gift from a friend.
I have noticed that the same statements
read at different parts of the day
have completely different meanings. 

The next book, was one recommended by
the speech therapist.
It has answered so many questions for me.
 Brain injury does not always come
from a stroke. It can come from any
head injury.
The point that he is right now, he 
is not helping himself. If he learned
any words, it is "I can't".
Most of the time he will not try.  Even meds 
do not seem to help. I believe it to be
 mind over matter. You have to believe you can.
I try to be positive and encouraging which
is all I can do.

My garden.

Look what I found at an amazing price:

Hard to tell from the picture but
it is huge.  This will be the needed focal point
for the shade garden.
I was thinking statue or bird bath then
I came upon this. Next step, plant 
something in it!!

I snagged a 6x8 carpet! it fits my porch/deck/   

Need to do some work but
it's a start.
I wish I could wish the green away.