Monday 3 December 2018

This Christmas


That little Santa that adorns our  tree each year came about when my granddaughter Zoe was very little. 
I was shopping with my daughter and one of our stops was JoAnns fabric store.
On the shelf was this Santa and Zoe grabbed it from the shelf.
Of coarse grandma let her keep it!!

So many decorations on the tree have become memories  of times past. 
Of people who have past through our lives.  

I know this Christmas will not be like any Christmas in the past. 
I know the hustle and bustle of shopping will never be the same. 
What will remain the same is Jesus.
Today and forever he will remain the same.
The way we celebrate his birth might change for us down  here on earth.
But, the reason for him coming will never change.

Merry Christmas