Tuesday 7 November 2017


                        Do you ever wonder??

Our area was settled by homesteaders.  They left a few reminders that they were here.

 They left the fields, that are still farmed today by the ancestors. Homes, and barns , that once were full of life.

Homes sit empty but what story could they tell?  Did the family gather on Thanksgiving?  Were babies born here? Did they put up a tree and have Goose for Christmas dinner?  Were the times here, happy times?
 The old school is silent now, accept for when the wind blows through the missing windows.  what was the teacher like?  Was she one of the young girls that grew up in this area?  Did they use the school for church?  Was this the gathering spot for the socials?

Yes, I have many questions.  If you stand there, and listen you can hear the sounds of the past.  You can almost see the families that put in so much work to tame a wild land.


  1. Nonie, I often wonder those things as well. The Pioneer Times are so interesting to me. Yes, I think they were happy, but I do think they lived hard lives. But look what they had! And did what they could to keep it. That old school is charming, isn't it? Many times the teacher WAS one of the girls who grew up in the area. I love reading about this time, and I respect and admire these Pioneer women.


  2. I often wonder about those same things. I will drive by an abandoned place and wonder if a mom pegged clothes out on a line while children clung to her skirts to hold themselves upright....and what they had bubbling on the stove on those cold winter nights when the family would come in from outside. Oh--to know some of those answers! xo Diana

  3. It's always fun to wonder about this sort of thing...
    You should write a book, Nonie...you are so good with words and imagination....bet it would be a delight to read....xo