Monday 30 September 2019


I will be honest, I have never liked fall.

I know I need to at least see the beauty.
I am a summer person, it never gets to hot!
The super long days just fill me with
all the energy I need to keep going, way
into the night.

Suddenly, the days get short, the air turns cold.
This is just a pre-view of what is to come.
Something called winter.

So, I decided I would try to see
what everyone else was talking about.

As the nights cool, the trees bust forth 
 putting on their show of color.
Mums bloom!
 So pretty
 Pumpkins get dressed up
 Samantha, loves fall

The burning bushes put on a show

We also get some fun holidays
so I guess fall is not so bad!

Friday 27 September 2019



I am so blessed to live by the mighty Columbia
I am blessed that we are able to own a boat and
float down the river.
I am blessed to live in paradise!

Some days you just have to take a deep 
breath and remember to keep

To just be 

Tuesday 24 September 2019


Now,  for the last two
when you get your fix, you get five items to
add to your wardrobe.   If you are anything
like me, to rebuild your wardrobe.

These are the tops they sent.

Look at how cute the cuffs are.  Oh and it is so soft and goes with everything.

Not only cute cuffs but!! These tops are bat winged
sleeves and that is perfect for me.
They add the fullness, some of us need
to hide those imperfections  without
looking like I am wearing one
size to large.
Both tops can fit over a blouse, so you have a collar. Look wonderful with a necklace too.

I am super happy. I would never have 
chosen these on my own.
If they were in a store I would have walked right
by them.   

Yes, I am waiting for my next fix!


Saturday 21 September 2019


I had no clue

Not sure if I should have known. Now, I am amazed to learn, that 7 major leaders own 182 brands of cosmetics.

My quest started when I was curious about IT make up and where did it come from, who makes it.  Well, it comes from China!  As do many other cosmetics.

Then I wondered who makes Lancome, love it but it cost a fortune, well L'Oreal is the same company.  
My curiosity grew and I found this web page, it is very interesting and sure opened my eyes.
So when they say, models use the drug store brands, of coarse they do, it basically is the same product.

Tuesday 17 September 2019


My Fix!

I didn't get to this sooner as I am having eye problems. Staying off the computer or at least limiting
the time I spend here will help my
eye heal a bit.

I love, loved my fix from Stitch fix.
I read a lot of reviews and was not sure
what to think.  I was both nervous and excited. 
Knowing I could send everything back, helped.
That meant I was not suck with anything.

I have a code if you want to try it. 
This would cover your styling fees

Also helps me out a bit as this is
my way to shop for clothes.
They send you a style card, so you can 
see what will mix with your choice.
 My great love is the cardigan my stylist picked for me.

Would I have picked it? No, I would have missed
out on a great piece.

There are five items, the next was the pants! Only the item in the middle of the picture, is the item sent.
The pants were the one thing I was most worried about
both with size and style.  Not to worry, they fit perfect and
I love the style.  Again a style card, with suggestions.

Okay just one more!  I did get and kept five, but I need to save something for another post.
My super favorite is the plaid shirt. I told my stylist I love red
and she came through with this red plaid shirt. Love, love it.

who would not love this cardigan. 

Wednesday 11 September 2019


My Fallish garden and---

Two days until my fix. I can hardly wait!

My endless summer Bloomstruck
has decided to bloom once more.
I love this hydrangea, it is the
best performer.
 Of coarse I had to add a few things

The rain we had yesterday made 
everything very happy.

He needs a name, but he is so happy.

Real pumpkins are not in our stores
yet, but i just love this one. 

What fun this has been, fall isn't so bad.

Did I tell you it's only two more days?

Monday 9 September 2019


Remaking me!

My daughter Janel, surprised me with a
gift for my birthday ---
A gift card for Stitch fix!

I know?  Who knew she thought I 
needed a make over?
I am wondering how this will go.
You, put in your style, and they give you
a personal stylist. ($20.00 fee)

There is a questionnaire on their page,
you pick styles from pictures and tell them
thumbs up or down if this is something 
you would wear. Also a very detailed forum you fill
out telling them about yourself.

Now, my daughter got her box and
loved everything in it and kept all of it.

My gift

She sat with me and walked me through how
it all works so--
We will see.
My box will be delivered Friday the 13th!

Like oh my! could we not have picked
a better day?? 

Will this be a thumbs up? or 
Thumbs down?

Saturday 7 September 2019


When will I stop doing that?

When ever I see a post of a beautiful home, 
and wonderful decorating.
I Think first of the limitations of
mobile (not movable mobile) home.

I know this is where God planted me and I know why.
Still, I let the pity party sneak in.

Well, what can I do to change things?
A little in the way of decorating, if
I would get out of my way!

I have a little yard!
I can design and plant and change to my 
hearts content.

 trying shade plants

Love hostas

The petunias put on a real show.

Shade planter just went crazy

Now it is time to change it all out for fall.
I am even planing winter gardening.

Thursday 5 September 2019


God knew

All the time I was whining,
God was directing my path.

In all thy ways acknowledge the Lord
and he will direct your path.
A verse put in my Bible when I graduated 
from high school.
A verse I have repeated a thousand times.  
Just not this time!!

God knew Steve would have a stroke. God knew I would need a place I could handle.
Yes, God knew.

Where else do you find God if it is not in the garden?
So, I set about making my space pretty.

With help from grandson Seth
we transformed this to--
This-which is now--
this and--
Just keep believing.

Monday 2 September 2019


Many of you might know
that my husband Steve suffered
a stroke about a year and a half ago.

He has aphasia from the stroke. 
Both receptive and expressive
which means he has difficulty taking in
information and expressing that information.

We have been able to do very little boating.
 I need a great deal of help.
Boating is not a one man sport.

Monday, evening our son
Tony, took time to make sure we
had a wonderful summer evening
boating on the Columbia river.

To which Steve replyed
"Good time boating"

In real words.!!
Oh it truly is the little things.