Thursday, 5 September 2019


God knew

All the time I was whining,
God was directing my path.

In all thy ways acknowledge the Lord
and he will direct your path.
A verse put in my Bible when I graduated 
from high school.
A verse I have repeated a thousand times.  
Just not this time!!

God knew Steve would have a stroke. God knew I would need a place I could handle.
Yes, God knew.

Where else do you find God if it is not in the garden?
So, I set about making my space pretty.

With help from grandson Seth
we transformed this to--
This-which is now--
this and--
Just keep believing.


  1. How nice of your grandson to help you in the garden, Nonie. Sometimes a smaller place is easier for us to take care of. Yes, keep believing. : )

    Have a restful weekend.