Wednesday 28 June 2017


                          I have no clue as to why I chose brown.

The walls are painted Macadamia by Sherman Williams. At first it looked dark going over the pale green but I am so happy I stuck with it.

  You can see the paint color here.  A very neutral go with everything color.  Then, I picked brown for the counter tops and went with a copper/brown glass tiles for the back.

 The stove top and oven will be replaced as soon as I decided what to replace it with.  Sometimes I want a down draft stove top, sometimes I want the glass top and other times I think this works, why replace it!!

 The same tile on the sink side.  The guy putting up the tiles kept asking "Do you want this all the way up?"  I am sure he was not super happy installing those tiny pieces.  He did a wonderful job of it.

The cuteness boarder had to go and was replaced with stained wood.  I like that so much better.

So, there is the remake of the kitchen. I have storage for the big appliances, like mixers and slow cookers.  They are all tucked away when the counter was expanded.

Thursday 22 June 2017

Summer time!!

                                         Summer means beach time!

                      Summer means boating time!

                     Summer means the river is still cold!

                          Summer means a beautiful end to a 
                   beautiful day! 
Summer in paradise means enjoying the day, the family and all that comes with it.
                           Welcome to nonies paradise 

Tuesday 13 June 2017


                                 Paid a visit to 'SWEET NOTHINGS'

I needed inspiration for my kitchen make over.  What better place to visit then SWEET NOTHING.   I do not remember exactly when I started following BJ, I just know the first time I visited her,  that her decorating was exactly what I was looking for. I was hooked.
 Just look at that cuteness!  Not sure that is even a word but it becomes a word when talking about BJ.  This picture gives me so many ideas for my new/old kitchen.  Loving the lamp, need to find a lamp.

 Black and white is her signature colors along with turquoise and a touch of red.  So, so cute.  I need to find a plate for my cream and sugar.   So many ideas!!
                             Just lovin it

                   Oh look!  Another lamp.

I am all inspired to keep going with my kitchen.  Just love visiting BJ, wish she was my neighbor.   At least she is only a click away.
   Right now, I am looking for something as cute as BJ, has to hold her tea bags.  Isn't that clever??
I don't think I over used the word cute--or---cuteness.
I did steal, use these pictures from her blog with permission.

Please say a prayer for BJ and Mr.Sweet, as he is battling cancer.   

Saturday 10 June 2017


                                   KITCHEN OF COARSE

I just had to do the kitchen first.  Well, the very first thing was to get the air so we could breath.  Once that cleaning was done, or, almost done. The crew came in and got started.

 Things got torn out, lots of painting started to happen.

 How I wished I had the money to replace the stove, that will just have to wait.  We did replace the microwave.

 Another item we replaced, was the kitchen sink.  why do they put tiny sinks in manufactured homes?   Also all the plumbing and wiring had to be redone.

I am glad we have made headway.  I have such a long way to go, but for right now it keeps me out of the weather.

Monday 5 June 2017

Where do you start?

                                     I didn't know where to start

The first step was to clean up the smell.  We, brought in a company called "Clean Air Connection".   They cleaned out the vents, put a room deodorizer in the vents and came back the next day to scrub carpets.  I wanted the carpets gone but that is not in the budget yet.

The we hired a contractor, Rod Hoffman from "Hoffman Homes".  The kitchen was torn apart.  I would say the kitchen would be a good place to start.  

 If you look at the before picture, it shows the counter space as small and divided.  One part lower then the rest.  My idea, was to have the space used by one big counter.  Usable from both sides.  Also below the counter is 'space', this space is for storage of all those appliances that do not need to take up counter space.

a long way to go but it was a start.  

Friday 2 June 2017


                                        We bought it any how!

You might wonder what makes people that seem normal take on such a project.  
For one:  We wanted to move to an adult park of manufactured homes.
Two:  those homes are super hard to find. They sell as they hit the market, but, most of the time they never hit the market.
Three: This one never hit the market, a friend was helping us look and when she herd about this one she called.
We looked at it and I wanted to run. Not only was it a mess it stank so bad you could only be in it for a few minutes.

I will show you a few before pictures.  I would love to hear your opinion.

 this is what the kitchen looked liked!!  
guess you can tell it is a kitchen.

 The side opposite the sink area.

 This is the bathroom off the master bedroom.
                                                The guest bathroom

None of this was pleasant to think about.  None of that feeling of getting to move to a new place.  
I was, depressed for months.  Still it was something we had to do.