Sunday 17 September 2017


                       Learning to love it

Thank you to all the fall lovers, that have shared such beautiful fall stories.  I am seeing fall from a different view.
I have always seen fall, as the entry to winter.  I wasn't stopping to see how beautiful the colors are, how the wonderful cool air invites you to sit a bit outside and smell the fresh cool air.

So I tried my hand at some decorating:

                   I dressed a pumpkin

                       I added fall flowers

                                    Added some fall decorating
                                 To the hutch

Thank you friends, for sharing how pretty fall can be. 

Wednesday 13 September 2017


                              This can't be right

Walked into Lowe's and what do I spot??  that's right!  I spotted a holiday called Halloween which does not come for months yet.  Many months!  
To add to the insult, it was a 100 degree day.   I was just so thankful I did not spot a Christmas tree, that would have pushed me over the edge.
                                                    Those little guys are kind of cute.

Monday 11 September 2017


                                        Asking the experts

I would really like to grow my blog.  I need advice from all of you who have such wonderful blogs.  I am not sure if I should respond to your comments, on the blog or by email? 
Love reading the comments, even if I am just reading them on your blogs.
I am so thrilled to meet you, and I would love to meet more. Now, this is a little hard for me as I am so darn shy.  For a long time people have said I was stand offish or thought myself better, and that's not true at all, I am terrified of people.  I like you a lot you just scare me!!
So, I think I am ready to expose myself and all my faults and short comings and to learn so much from you.  Do you know, I have lived in this new little community for a year, have talked to one neighbor once and the other neighbor, just moved away this week end.  Hope it wasn't from something I said.  I only spoke to her a few times.
so if you can spare a little advice, I would love it!!

                            our amazing valley