Sunday 31 May 2020

Happy Times, With A Twist


Not much can be added

Congratulations Zoe
This is not what you had planned
But know we love you!

Thursday 21 May 2020


I love visiting, other bloggers homes. I have so many favorites and will take some time to share those with you, so you can visit also.  
You might already know of these you tubers.
I like to start my day off with Olivia
of Olivia's romantic home.

Today she started out with a home tour.
She has such a cozy home and that means so much to me, as I try to make my space cozy.
Olivia, is a lot of fun, does some fun DIY projects, mainly using items for the dolla r tree.

Lot of fun, during this stay home
You would think it would be hard to find DIY's when you have to stay home, but she has made it all work.

Saturday 16 May 2020

Computer problems


I didn't realize how much my life now revolves around a computer. 

Then I started having problems and the old one was not worth trying to save.  So, now on a new computer with a learning curve!!  Yikes.

All my "things" need to be put back in-
All my pictures need to be recovered.

Just lets me know how much life now is all
on a little box on the desk.

I still journal, so will share some of my thoughts 
in a later post.
Just wanted to drop by and keep my 
resolution of writing daily.

Celebrating a birthday is always fun. and even more fun when we can get the boats together for the party.

Monday 4 May 2020


Because I love you!

Times are not good right now.  I think we all are dealing with this the best we can.

I am working on my second just because box.
No need to wait for a special occasion to make
and give gifts.

The new box is a secret, but here are somethings
in the last box:

Because Cori said she likes country

Because Stacey likes to camp

Wonder what will be in the next box?
Maybe something for the kids?
More towels?

since I am to stay put, I might as well stay busy. 

Saturday 2 May 2020

Wacky Cake

Why not bake a cake?

News yesterday, our Governor, has decide to keep
the state shut down for another month.

So, it has been a learning curve for me.
Remember, when we had to do our grocery shopping for a full week?
there was no running to the store in between.
Seems like those times have come once again
needing something sweet and no ingredients for
a cake, what do you do?

Well, you bake a wacky cake, also known as depression cake
where shortages were normal. 

Just what I did 

No eggs! No butter, no good stuff well then this is just what you need.
this cake is so moist.
My friend Martha, just gave me
the idea of adding a glaze as I am also out of butter.

Wacky cake

1 1/2 cups sifted flour
 1 cup sugar
3-4 Tbs unsweetened  cocoa
1 tps baking soda
1/2 tps salt
6 Tbs corn oil
1 Tbs vinegar
1 tps vanilla
1 cup cold water

Sift all dry ingredients into a ungreased 10x10x2 inch pan
Mix with a fork
Make three holes
put oil in one, put vinegar in the next and vanilla in the last one.  The pour one cup of water over all and mix with a fork.
Do not beat,this takes a few minutes
Bake 350 25-30 min
leave in the pan.
You could put a glaze,which is what I will do
or powered sugar, 
If you have the ingredients you could make a butter cream frosting.
I do not happen to have any butter right now.

Friday 1 May 2020


May Day flowers

April showers bring May flowers.

The one day of the year that always stands out for me, is May day.
My aunt was really big on gardens and flowers, a trait my sister got more then I did.
But Aunt Elsie, always had me take a basket of flowers to our neighbors and put it on her porch and ring the bell.  Of coarse we were to hide, so the flowers were a special gift.

I loved doing that!  
Does anyone still do that?  

Well, I didn't get a basket of flowers ready for you but here is a picture of my wild roses.

They grew from a start that I got 
from roses on the side of the road.

A favorite red rose
Hoping May brings us all many blessings