Tuesday 30 April 2019


So Blessed

Thank you all.  I am so grateful for the suggestions of ways to help Steve.   I am researching many of them.  

I also know, I am blessed in having a home. Yes, it was hard leaving my little brick house.  In a way, this move
really requires me to stay busy.
Drusilla, is not crazy about it.  She can not come and go as she pleases but must be trained to a leash!  
Won't that be fun!!

Now, the yard!  
My box wood shrub continues to get yellow tips.
I have fertilized, and watered, maybe it just needs more time. I might just dig up the two troubled ones and plant new ones.

The large rocks and little rocks around it
are now gone.

Would love a suggestion.


Saturday 27 April 2019



I want to start in the front entrance, so my little home will be welcoming to guests.
Also will welcome me home.
To do that I called in some help. 

Where to even start?

The previous owner did not have a good idea here.
The landscape rocks, or what ever they are called, were pushing the boarder out into the walk way.
This, was on both sides of the walk.

Not going to be fun!  

There were several wheelbarrow loads full that went to the back of the property.
Why would anyone think this was nice?

I have saved this pile of rocks
at least so far. There are some very pretty rocks.
Maybe some sort of rock garden?
Just not sure yet.

As we dug into the mess, we found a layer of landscape cloth, then the small rocks, then the larger rocks.
It is no wonder the plants were dying.
I am hoping I can now water and feed
the shrubs and have them grow. 

 Suggestions about paint color are welcome. 
Also Angela, I am thinking positive.
Won't that hedge of box wood be beautiful??  

Wednesday 24 April 2019



I will not try to answer, but, will send you a link.  There is much that can be researched   on the topic.
I will say, it is something I hope none of you ever have to deal with. I learned of Aphasia, after my husband Steve had a stroke.  Aphasia, can be caused by a fall or head trauma.

Ours, was caused by a stroke. We were one of those families, that after Steve's heart attack and surgery. We were very diligent about checking blood pressure.  Eating right, exercising and  doing  the yearly check ups with the heart Dr.

This link to the Mayo Clinic, explains different aphasia's. 
Steve has what is called fluent aphasia.      To sum it up, I have no clue what he is saying, he has no clue what I am saying.

The hardest part for me has become not having anyone to talk to.  Example, today the store was having a sale on outdoor carpet.  He knows I want one for our porch/deck. I write porch/deck because I do not know if it is a porch or a deck.  I am sure I will figure it out.
So, I ask him, "Do you like the blue one" he answers "I'm okay".

In many ways we are blessed, he is physically alright.  That can also be a curse, because people do not understand why he doesn't respond to them.

So goes my day, my month, my year.  
I know I have let it consume me. Even with belonging to the aphasia groups, it is still consuming me.

God, planted me right in a big beautiful mess. A mobile home that once I stopped crying, I could see has some possibilities.
Travel with me as I turn this into a home to be proud of.

My friend Angela, said to finish each journal posting with a positive.
How about this, it is blooming,   right
here in my little yard.


Monday 22 April 2019


Maybe it is Oh My!

I can't even sort out a title.  We purchased a mobile home, now, some like to call them modular homes.  This is not that!
It us in a over fifty park, along with all the rules, which I already break one right after the other.

I really wish I could feel happy.  I know this was the right move, that knowledge doesn't help.

The house was neglected, so we have put in much work and money to get it livable. Now, with the weather nice, I am putting my efforts, toward the outside.

My first huge project!

The garden (or what I hope will be a garden) is right smack dab in the entry.
You must walk by here to get to the door.  which is another topic.  Right now, will be the garden area so it will say welcome.

Here is a before-

Can I save it??

Wish me luck, I am going it!

Sunday 14 April 2019


Easter Lilly's

My daughter and I were trying to remember how old these Lilly's  are.
 They were a Easter gifts from my daughter, many years ago.  They were growing in a container.  After Easter, I just left them in the container and the next year they came back.
They continue to keep coming back and this year are poking their heads up and will once again bloom.

They were white, but now have a pink tint to them.
The pot is also on it's last leg and so I will need to re pot them this year. 

The only year they did not do well, was the year I protected them, from the harsh winter weather.  Since then I have make sure they freeze and get lots of snow on them. 

I am so looking forward to another year of enjoying them.

Friday 12 April 2019


So Busy

I am trying to keep myself busy and it is working.
I am working on a quilt that will be for my granddaughter Chloe.  I will be sharing pictures as the quilt grows. 

I also need to apologize for not leaving comments. I read, mean to comment and have a bad habit of thinking I will get back and do that later.  Then I feel guilty and never get back.  so I promise to do better.


this is so new to me, I am trying to garden. Not a big vegetable garden, although I would love to plant pumpkins. No, just lots of flowers !  
I have started a competition with one of my neighbors, just to keep things fun.  the best part is, he does not know we are competing. 

Staying busy is helping.  Of coarse since I can actually go out side also helps.
So, that about does it for now. I need to work in time to write. 

Sun flowers!!