Monday 28 June 2021

Dating Ball Jars

Dating Ball Jars, is fun.  I think we have all seen those green ball jars.  Oh the stories those jars could tell.

They, have become so popular to collect, they are now doing reproductions. so how do you know it your jar is truly old? 

Are mine old? how old are they?

after reading this chart, they are indeed old.

The old glass also contains bubbles as the art of making glass was not perfected.

You can spot the imperfections

Also notice the shape of the jars

If you look on the bottom of the jar, you will find a number

this tells where it was made, in case there was trouble 

with the glass, they knew where to look.

This one has a three

so now, you know a little about those jars, that are fun to collect.

My collection, will stay at 2, after all I am downsizing. It really is a collection I could get 'into'

Saturday 26 June 2021

Having a heat wave

High for today  105

That is on the low side, we are predicted  to  reach 116 by Tuesday.  So it is a good time to think about doing some fun machine embroidery.  Alright, a small confession, I still intimidated by that machine. 

what brought all this about to me is:  My grandmother left these:

If you do not know, they are napkin rings.  The two on the ends are plain, but the others have an inscription on them.  They were a gift, probably Christmas, to my Dad, and his sisters, from their grandma.

Each one is inscribed, with Grandma to and the name. 

This made sure that each child, had their own napkin for that week.  Laundry was done once a week, and you kept the same napkin for that week.

So how does that bring about machine embroidery? 

I want to embroider some napkins with

The gathering basket design by JUJU

I just think, that the napkin rings, should be used and what better way to honor those rings and make them special, then to have embroidered napkins.

Thursday 17 June 2021

Tiny Garden

My garden space, is so tiny and I am so thankful to have what I have.  

It is one of the larger spaces.  

So take a tiny walk about with me.

A butterfly even approved.

Love this color


I guess even squirrels forget where they leave their stash.

My supertunia vista bubblegum are taking over I wasn't to sure how many to plant so I planted three plants, we will see how big they grow.

Anything sweeter the honeysuckle?  I love this, it covers one ugly area.

The hollyhock, self planted and while I was deciding if it should stay,  it did this.
I will save a few more for later.

Saturday 12 June 2021

TA-DA Almost

Well, I tried.  One of my favorite blogs to follow is Everyday Living.  Pam is such a beautiful person and has so much talent for decorating, gardening and all thing beautiful.

I love her flowers arrangements and table decor.  I can't help but wonder why I missed out on that talent.

Then this happened!  Pam posted something I thought I could copy.  I almost succeeded.

First, I will show you my version.

It is flowers in a jar.  I had the jar, I had the flowers so----


I messed up, but I learned.  I should have and could have changed the table cloth.

Learning, is what it all about, right??? 

Now, my next one will be better.  

Here is Pam's

Everyday Living 

Thursday 10 June 2021

The day my world changed

Was in February of 2018, we had just finished a run to Wal-Mart and were getting ready to head out and do some thrift store shopping.  We had plans to make a little bbq spot in our tiny backyard space.

We were making a new walk, our son Rod,  has just put in new stair for us.  So, I was on the hunt for backyard treasures when:

I head a horrible sound from the kitchen, and I ran to see what was happening.  Steve was clutching his chest and beginning to fall.  I grabbed him, and at least tried to soften the fall.

He had a stoke!

Ambulance, was called . My son somehow made it from work, even beating the ambulance,  then many days of confusion.  flying him to Seattle and more confusion and it all became a blur.

I learned a new word and live with that word and that word is aphasia.  There are different levels, and some have just one part of aphasia.  Steve, has both receptive meaning what he hears is scrambled.  He just hears you making sounds, that are not forming into words.  At the same time he has expressive, the words coming from him are scrambled. So I have no clue what he is saying.  Over the years, he has been able to speak a few words but, mainly our life revolves around a white board.

Steve, can get the drift of what you are trying to say, if he reads it. He does not write, he can not make letters,  I am pretty good at guessing.

So, I am coming to grips with my new world.  I do have a very short fuse, but even that is getting better.  I am getting back to my sewing and playing in the garden.

It is still paradise, you give your whole life to Christ, not just part of it but all of it.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

I did the unthinkable

I can't believe I did that!   I have developed such a short fuse, that one tiny little thing just sent me over the edge.

I think this past year has been hard on a lot of us, but when you are already pretty much a shut in, getting even more isolated sure doesn't help.  Add to that pile on's. Steve, hurt himself, nothing serious, just a pulled muscle, but you would think, the worst had happened, suddenly he developed a limp.  the pulled muscle is in his arm, so I am not sure how it caused a limp.  Add  to that it also changed his voice.  I can't understand him as it is, but the pulled muscle brought on a tiny little whiny voice.

I kept hanging on.  I really thought I was doing pretty good until===

I went to the computer to order some Mexican food Steve wanted.  He thought he could hold a fork, holding a coffee cup was out of the question, but, a fork would  be okay.  As I  put in my order,  with a company I have used for over a year,  it suddenly would not accept my card and asked for another one.  I put in another one, nope!! not good enough.  Now, it wanted me to changed my address.  How would they deliver my food if I changed my address??  What do I change it to? 

                                            Any reasonable person would stop right there.  Call the company, right?  you would calmly ask what was happening. Nope, not me! I lost it, after trying over and over to make it take my card.  Again, why would you do that?

I went straight to Facebook and expressed my frustration. After this, I will never condemn people that do that.  It is temporary insanity, at least I hope it is temporary. 

I have gone back and cleaned up my mess, but as I was once told. If I came to your house and threw garbage all over your floor, even if I cleaned it all up, I still have left a bad impression and I fear I have left a bad impression. I hope the rest of the story will be a good one.  I can say it was brought on by isolating  myself from the world,  but we all know, there was no excuse for bad behavior.

Sunday 6 June 2021

I love the plains

Among other favorite places, the plains are one of my favorite places.  I have many friends, that say it is just a bunch of nothing.   Miles of nothing, I guess they are not looking.

For one. a lot of my food comes from the plains.

Wheat fields are so beautiful, to think a farmer has plowed these fields, seeded and harvested.  Just gives a new meaning to a loaf of bread.

At the fair I always head right to the booth that belongs to the wheat framers wives. They have a cinnamon bun, made from a secret recipe, only the upper wives know this recipe. I always get enough to take home.

Night brings a whole new meaning to sunset.

Thursday 3 June 2021

Step one

 You need to start someplace and for me that was my front porch.  My very neglected front porch.  There will be no before pictures.

I picked the front porch, because that is where I welcome guest and it should be welcoming. Also I read blogs😉  very inspiring front porches are on blogs and don't forget pinterest.

First, I just needed to get mine clean.

Bistro set, gift from my sister

I need ideas here.  I am not super fond of this, but it does cover the wall for now. I am open to all suggestions.

Across from the table set, is the swing.  Made by hubby.  The wood is clear cedar, milled in his mill.   Love to sit here and read.

That, is where I am on this journey.  I guess it is time to check pinterest.

I am open to all suggestions, so jump right in.