Friday 28 August 2020


Pink and Blue


Pink and blue blooming side by side 

On my endless Summer Hydrangea, Bloom Struck.

Some blooms are turning brown already and some are just in bud.

I don't know if it is the correct thing to do but I leave 

My brown flowers on, right through the winter.  They look pretty to me

and stay through the winter.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Before you say ugh!

This is a before.

I wished I had a spot to plant flowers

and maybe over winter some hardy ones but!!

There was just not anyplace to make that happen


I started to get rid of 'stuff'.  Stuff I had no use 

for but I was hanging on to it. 

This spot opened up, in my shed!!  All of the sudden 

I saw my potting bench, I realize that winter hardy

plants will probably be able to over winter.  I have electricity (although that needs some looking into)  make a note to call son in law.

I can get grow lights, there is room to store all sorts of soil and planting material.  This is the before, just wait until you see the after shot!


Saturday 22 August 2020


Winner of our first blog give away is

Karen Va

Congratulation!  I am excited to see which font

you chose.

Sunday 9 August 2020


Win this welcome sign

Rivalry Designs is offering

A custom made welcome sign

You chose the font

Since this is my first

give away

Lets keep it very simple

Just leave a post, saying you would love the sign

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let me know, you follow and that will be another entry.

I will draw on August 22

My sign from Rivalry

Good luck to all! 

Tuesday 4 August 2020

A still small voice

A still small voice, made me enter the drawing
I never win at those things and why would this be any different.
I knew the book would be such a help to me.

Downsizing, as it is sometimes called, which I have come to believe was made up by a person needing to rid themselves of their hoard.
Such a gentle way to say "throw it out!"

"No, I am not getting rid of all my clutter, I am downsizing!"

As many of you know, "downsizing" has been a real
hardship for me.
I felt I needed to apologize for moving to a senior
mobile home park.

why is it so hard to live a minimal life?

I love this book.  It has made such a huge difference
One of the things I was struggling with 
the most was sewing magazines.
Not just any sewing magazines, but special ones.
Australian arts and smocking!
Now for those that sew and smock, you would never
NEVER part with those.  Sell maybe but to give away!
I was only a few pages into the book, when that 
still small voice said Mary Jane
would like those magazines. You know the ones in storage,
You know the ones that will do her more good then
just sitting in storage.
A call to Mary Jane, the magazines boxed and on the porch
and a very happy friend and it made me feel
good, not sad, to part with those magazines.

It is a journey, thank you to 
Pam, for holding the drawing.

Thank you to Cheryl E. Smith
for sharing her journey, so we can
follow, with a map.

My journey has just begun. 
My first load has just gone out. I am still only in this
ankle deep.
As Cheryl describes in her book. you have many 
layers to go though.