Monday 26 November 2018


We are preparing

To bring Drusilla home!

That's right 

We got a kitty!!

I was actually on the hunt for another small dog after I lost Joker, last January.

You know how it goes, no dog quite measured up to what I lost.  Steve is a cat person, so a cat it is.
I was about to give up my search at the humane society. To be honest cats scare me.  In the past,  I have been bitten and I have been clawed.
so when a cat moves quickly I jump.
The young gal working there, said she knew of the perfect cat.  She brought  Drusilla out and oh my, what a sweet kitty. She snuggled up in my arms and started to purr. 
You just might see a lot of Drusilla

Wednesday 21 November 2018



I have much to be thankful for.  Even though the year has come with twists and turns.

One of those thankful's , is all of you.  
I know God directed me to start writing again because I needed you.
I need your prayers,  your friendship and your support.
You have also given me so much more.  You have given me courage.  Courage to greet each day with a positive
Courage to carry on and do that decorating. I know, it seems like that would be the last of my concerns
but its not. Making your home a home at this time is very important. 
I can do this, I can shop, take Steve to the Dr. Take myself for appointments.
For all of this I am very thankful. 

Tomorrow, our family gathering will be small
Which is perfect. 

Saturday 17 November 2018


The tree became a table

This is the table we will gather around for our thanksgiving dinner.

My son, made this table from a tree that was growing right where he wanted to build his house.

The tree was cut down.
Boards were cut from the tree and
the long process of waiting for the boards to dry began.
The table and benches, were then crafted from the board's.  The  table was loving brought into the house.
There it was to continue drying before the finish could be put on it. 

Soon, this table
will once again be surrounded
by family members. 
Giving thanks for all we have.

Monday 12 November 2018


I almost didn't do a table center piece this year.
Doing holiday things are a challenge.

with inspiration from all my blogging friends, I went ahead and put a center piece together.

I thought I would stay whimsical

 I spotted this little guy I call Eric, at the supermarket. He had to come home with me.

 A few of pumpkins
 I will call it good.

I am so glad, I did
Thank you friends.

Saturday 10 November 2018


From Christmas past
I am seeing so much Christmas on the blogs.  I thought I would re-share a tree from the past.
Each year, the town has a tree decorating contest.
Then the trees are auctioned off.
The clinic always buys a few of the trees and this was one that was in the lobby of the clinic.
NO!! It is not under a chandelier, that is the topper!

I was and still am, in total awe of this tree.

Thursday 8 November 2018


I am changing my focus

Expanding my view. I was focusing on what was,  not what is.  That is a pretty narrow focus.

You need to climb to the highest hill.
Really look at the valley below.
Open your view to what could be and don't focus on what is. 

The possibilities are endless! 

When the sun sets tonight.  I will count the blessing the day has brought.

I will focus on a new tomorrow , along with all the possibilities to be great,  that the day will bring.

Most of all
 I will stay anchored.

Saturday 3 November 2018


Just a little something!

Our son Rod, moved his family to a canyon. There is a lot to be said about moving to a canyon.  

Tons of peace and quiet!

You get a lot of space.

 They have put in tons of work.

Finally, it is all coming together.
A real beauty!

With a small draw back-- just a little one, but pretty serious.

When Michelle, went to take the garbage out a critter was waiting for her.

Yes, it is a diamond back rattlesnake.  I guess he likes the new landscaping also.