Tuesday 29 September 2020


 Fall flowers

In the spring, since we were having covid time, I did not plant my spring and summer flowers.

Instead, I waited for fall blooms, thinking that would be the time we would most want the garden to bloom.

So far:

excuse the hose, we are still watering

Thursday 24 September 2020

Such a short time ago

June 2019

Such a short time ago

This picture of Steve and our daughter Janel was taken June of 2019.

They were waiting for me at the eye Dr. 

I found this on his phone.  Apparently while they were in the waiting   Janel, got a little creative and did a selfie, with her dad.

I am so glad she did, as he has changed so much,  in such a short period of time. 

This was after his stroke but before the dementia had set it.

Thank you all for taking the time to write and help me with my journey.

Angela, suggested I keep positives in mind.

So today, I am so happy I found this on his phone

The sun is shining and we had some well needed rain.

I have a huge support system, thanks to all of you.  

Tuesday 22 September 2020

I'm Not there yet


I am not there yet.  Some days I wonder if I ever will be. When my Dr. recommended that I blog,  that I write my feelings,  that I come to grips with reality.     I did write occasionally, but never about my feelings.  Dr. is not happy, she said write as if I am speaking to a good friend or even what I would tell my sister!

That is really hard for me, as I feel like it is self pity.  I know so many people going through some really tough times, it just seems like the wrong thing to do.   

Some of you remember I posted about my hubby's stroke and about aphasia, the inability to communicate.  There are different levels, he has the combination of expressive, the ability to express himself and receptive, the ability to understand what is said around him.  Add to that he is developing  stroke induce dementia.   

So, my world can get pretty lonely.  I follow your blogs to communicate with the outside world.  I try my hand at crafts, have pretty much not done any sewing, as the inspiration is just not there.

Sorry, if I sound like I am feeling sorry for myself.  Just feel like I don't fit in, like I am not myself and don't even know who that is anymore.

will I follow Dr's orders or suggestion that I write it out? I don't know if I will.  I don't feel that it would be a great help,  but then how do I know unless I try? right?  

How much would I share with my sister?  How often would I say "I am fine, how are you'?  

Monday 21 September 2020

So it begins


I made it, (almost)  I held out starting the fall decorations

until the official first day of fall!

First--do you remember the cabinet I wanted to give away but could not figure out how to get it to my friend BJ in Texas?

Well now it is in a new spot on the porch

I need to find or make different cloths for it

Having the drawers, gives me a place to hold the extra things.

Different cloths, and decorations can be put in the drawers.

This is a starting idea.

This will be fun!

The girls wanted in on the fun.

Seems they are always excited for Halloween.

Now, they just have to wait!  

Thursday 10 September 2020

One Down

 First piece of furniture to go!

My goal to minimize, has lead to the first piece of furniture to leave the house.

This was full of paper stuff.  If it was paper, I saved it

I ran copies of 'stuff' and saved those. When the cabinet was full, I filled up notebooks.  I went to Goodwill and bought more notebooks, so I could save my paper!

I don't know why, as I hardly ever looked at any of the papers. So I have been buried in paper, but this time getting rid of it.

I do know there are things that need to be saved.  So, those are tucked away in a safe spot.

There are things that do not need to be saved!


I have gained space in my room!

I have my eye on a dresser, that just might be the next to go!

The problem I am having is-- this feels so good I want to just go for it and dump everything.

Tuesday 1 September 2020




I wanted to share with you a bit of our valley. Of coarse, the walking trail is one of my very favorite spots.  Along with anything that has to do with the river.  

The walking trail will take you along the river, across the river and along the other side.

My grandson Cole. was visiting and we told him about the trail. well not being from here, he had no idea just how long that tail is.

Poor guy, it was hot and he didn't have any water with him. He made it!

If you are wondering, this is the might Columbia river.

Pictures are from Mike Bonnicksen