Friday 31 July 2020



When two sisters (granddaughters) got busy a
new business was born.

Jennifer and sister CoriAnne
Just leave it to those two.

Love my sign?
Well, it was made by Jennifer. 
All I did was have a vague idea 
and knew it had to involve a red truck.

Just a sample of their work, so if you have an idea
and want something special contact them.

A few of their many, many ideas and they
will custom make an order.

Also on Face Book 

I also have a number, contact me and I will 
share the number.

Friday 24 July 2020


Found it

I have become obsessed with the little red truck.
I spot it everyplace and love it.

posted her truck with summer flowers
my obsession started all over again.

My granddaughter Jennifer along with her sister
Corianne, have started a design company
so of coarse I ordered a sign

Hobby Lobby came through with a
Little red truck
on sale!

I have more to say about the design 
company, started by those two,
so stay tuned.

Rivalry Designs 

Saturday 18 July 2020

Not good with plants

Went the usual way

I was given a plant for my birthday.  A you can't kill this type of plant.

Me?  I am a master at killing un killable plants.

this plant was in my care for five (5) days!

I didn't think that was long enough to bring harm to it.
I did not water it!!  so everyone saying it was over watered, well, that wasn't by me.

Put it out side people said;
So, off to the porch it went, and it was also
given an angel to watch over it:

doesn't look like that is working
It might be a stretch but I think
there is some improvement.
If you squint, right in the center
you can see what looks like new leaves.

Okay, the challenge is on!  I am so tired of killing plants
I am determined to dig in (get it?)
I will be successful, not sure how many plants will give up
their lives but I hope not to many.   

Thursday 16 July 2020


A winner here!

Pam, at Everyday living, had a book review and a drawing!

I was picked the winner!!

I love her blog, so it was just so exciting to see my name.
I have been facing some challenges and God has directed my path
more then ever in the last week.

So winning this book just is another way he has to 
show me I am heading in the right direction.

Monday 13 July 2020


These times call for much faith.

I am struggling and will admit it:
It is becoming so hard to keep up the faith each day,  that all of this will end, that all will be alright.

I see our country in turmoil, I see people turning on other people for nothing more then they not wearing a mask.

I must turn this day over to God.

I pray for all of you, your friendship and your blogs have become my neighbors
my daily does of what is right in this world.

May your day end in perfect peace.