Wednesday 6 October 2021

Now, caretaker to one more!

Am I bit touched?  To take on another person?

Yes and no!

I have added myself!  I will now take care of ME! I was to the point I didn't even bother to put on my face in the morning.

Wonderful, super cute clothes, just sat in the closet.  I had my daily jeans and T-shirt. After all it's not like I am going anyplace.

Today it all changes.   Today, I start taking care of me.

Today, I make monogramed napkins.  For ME!

Today, I make special coffee, just for me!

Today, I welcome me

 Excuse me, I must take myself for a walk.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Seeing beauty

Fall is pretty.   I am working on making peace with it.   Fall, welcomes winter,   and that is not my season.

Summer, is my time to shine!  Summer is the play on the water

Goodbye Summer

Hello fall

Once I stopped, thinking of what might be and

Started looking at what is.   I see a new beauty.  Well, new to me.

I am sure some have always spotted the beauty

When you open your eyes and your heart

Beauty is all around.   In this crazy world, take the time each day to find that beauty.

God is saying "I am here, I am with you"