Monday, 28 June 2021

Dating Ball Jars

Dating Ball Jars, is fun.  I think we have all seen those green ball jars.  Oh the stories those jars could tell.

They, have become so popular to collect, they are now doing reproductions. so how do you know it your jar is truly old? 

Are mine old? how old are they?

after reading this chart, they are indeed old.

The old glass also contains bubbles as the art of making glass was not perfected.

You can spot the imperfections

Also notice the shape of the jars

If you look on the bottom of the jar, you will find a number

this tells where it was made, in case there was trouble 

with the glass, they knew where to look.

This one has a three

so now, you know a little about those jars, that are fun to collect.

My collection, will stay at 2, after all I am downsizing. It really is a collection I could get 'into'


  1. Wow, that is so neat that you have a chart to see how old your jars are. I love the old Ball jars. There is so much that we can use them for. And your purple hydrangeas in the green jar looks so pretty, Nonie. I wish I had a few of these jars for flowers. They really come in handy.

    Have a blessed week, Nonie.


  2. I love the jars, too . Thanks for sharing this info ❣️