Sunday, 6 June 2021

I love the plains

Among other favorite places, the plains are one of my favorite places.  I have many friends, that say it is just a bunch of nothing.   Miles of nothing, I guess they are not looking.

For one. a lot of my food comes from the plains.

Wheat fields are so beautiful, to think a farmer has plowed these fields, seeded and harvested.  Just gives a new meaning to a loaf of bread.

At the fair I always head right to the booth that belongs to the wheat framers wives. They have a cinnamon bun, made from a secret recipe, only the upper wives know this recipe. I always get enough to take home.

Night brings a whole new meaning to sunset.


  1. Nonie, these pictures are beautiful. I can see why the plains is one of your favorite places. The cinnamon buns sound Yummy. Wish I had one to go with my coffee right now. That sunset is something else.


    1. Next trip to the fair, I am taking a picture of those cinnamon buns, they are huge!

  2. A cinnamon bun would be perfect with my morning coffee. I think the plains are beautiful...our country’s breadbasket!

  3. I wish it was fair time. now I have myself wanting one.