Sunday 25 July 2021

Summer and Fire

We have been so hot and dry.  

some days the temperatures were triple digits.  We are used to hot dry summers, just not that hot.

It kept climbing,
 climbing until it passed 110.

The worst  Fire broke out.

In the worst of all areas for a fire, 

the sunny slope area is residential,

homes of family and friends were being threatened. 

The homes in this area were saved, thanks to heavy duty fire fighters.

The plane would skim across the river, picking up water

and deliver it to the fire area.

A before and after.

We remain, in red flag warnings.


  1. Nonie, I'm so sorry to hear about the fire, that's so scary. And the 110 degree weather - that's blazing hot. I do hope the firefighters can stop this quickly. You know, California has had fires as well, and I'm so thankful to live right down the road from the fire station. They are here quickly, and have put them out every time. Take care, Nonie, and stay safe. : )


  2. Nonie, those fires are so frightening. The temperatures must be unbearable…I would imagine all you can do is stay indoors. Stay safe and cool!

  3. Hi Nonie, I am so sorry about the fires and the smoke and air quality. We have only had one day where the smoke was really bad. I can't remember when our last good rain was . . . way back in the early spring . . . we could all use a good thunder storm. You take care and don't be out breathing that smoke.