Thursday, 3 June 2021

Step one

 You need to start someplace and for me that was my front porch.  My very neglected front porch.  There will be no before pictures.

I picked the front porch, because that is where I welcome guest and it should be welcoming. Also I read blogs😉  very inspiring front porches are on blogs and don't forget pinterest.

First, I just needed to get mine clean.

Bistro set, gift from my sister

I need ideas here.  I am not super fond of this, but it does cover the wall for now. I am open to all suggestions.

Across from the table set, is the swing.  Made by hubby.  The wood is clear cedar, milled in his mill.   Love to sit here and read.

That, is where I am on this journey.  I guess it is time to check pinterest.

I am open to all suggestions, so jump right in.


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  2. I like your little Bistro set, Nonie. It's so charming, and the fairy sitting there is sweet. I've been thinking of how to spruce up my front porch too, and I'm so happy to finally have a good size one. I want to get a white rocking chair, and this Fall I can't wait to put pumpkins out there. Your swing looks real comfy. Your porch looks great, Nonie.


    1. Thank you Sheri, oh, rocking on the front porch, what could be better then that. I also am thinking more on the fall lines, with pumpkins then I am a summer porch.

  3. Okay, here's what I would do. Because your swing is white and white is just a great place to start . . . I would tape off the circles on the back of the chairs, and the table top and I would spray paint the table and chairs white. Easy-Peasy and budget friendly. Then I would go to Walmart and in their fabric department you can usually find some great buys on pretty outdoor fabric. Buy enough to make a slip cover for your swing cushion. Also Walmart has some $5 outdoor pillows in their garden section that are gorgeous. Go to my blog and look at my porch make over. The two pillows with the birdies were $5 each. I bought another yesterday that is yellow with a bumble bee on it. You cannot make them yourself for that price and they are very nice. As for the wall-hanging, I would take my time and check yard sales or thrift shops until I found a piece of art that I loved and hang it there, or a poster of a big sunflower or something garden related.
    Not sure what the big brown thing is behind the swing, but the white trellis wall is perfect.
    Anyway, that's what I would do, but I'm always looking for budget friendly ways to make an up dated change. I'm a penny pincher :)

    1. Connie, what great ideas. Your little pillows are darling and there is no way they could be made for only five dollars. Now, you have me thinking a theme of some sort, then I could do the fabric choices and any pictures or posters along a central theme. You really have my mind going--my rug is red, so I might need to keep that in mind. Talk about penny pinching, I bought it at Grocery outlet!