Wednesday 9 June 2021

I did the unthinkable

I can't believe I did that!   I have developed such a short fuse, that one tiny little thing just sent me over the edge.

I think this past year has been hard on a lot of us, but when you are already pretty much a shut in, getting even more isolated sure doesn't help.  Add to that pile on's. Steve, hurt himself, nothing serious, just a pulled muscle, but you would think, the worst had happened, suddenly he developed a limp.  the pulled muscle is in his arm, so I am not sure how it caused a limp.  Add  to that it also changed his voice.  I can't understand him as it is, but the pulled muscle brought on a tiny little whiny voice.

I kept hanging on.  I really thought I was doing pretty good until===

I went to the computer to order some Mexican food Steve wanted.  He thought he could hold a fork, holding a coffee cup was out of the question, but, a fork would  be okay.  As I  put in my order,  with a company I have used for over a year,  it suddenly would not accept my card and asked for another one.  I put in another one, nope!! not good enough.  Now, it wanted me to changed my address.  How would they deliver my food if I changed my address??  What do I change it to? 

                                            Any reasonable person would stop right there.  Call the company, right?  you would calmly ask what was happening. Nope, not me! I lost it, after trying over and over to make it take my card.  Again, why would you do that?

I went straight to Facebook and expressed my frustration. After this, I will never condemn people that do that.  It is temporary insanity, at least I hope it is temporary. 

I have gone back and cleaned up my mess, but as I was once told. If I came to your house and threw garbage all over your floor, even if I cleaned it all up, I still have left a bad impression and I fear I have left a bad impression. I hope the rest of the story will be a good one.  I can say it was brought on by isolating  myself from the world,  but we all know, there was no excuse for bad behavior.


  1. Oh Nonie, these bad days happen. I'm so sorry you had to deal with one of those bad days. It's not all your fault, I'm sure. The world has made it so difficult for us to do anything any more. I have been feeling that as well. Nothing seems to be simple any more. I know what you mean about your card and address. Sometimes when I get gas, they ask, what is the zip code relating to this card? Really? Sometimes people move and we forget the zip codes to our cards. Oh, hang in there, Nonie, and I hope your days ahead go smoother for you. And I hope the pulled muscle heals quickly. For some reason, I tend to pull muscles, and they are the worst.


    1. Thank you Sheri, I so want to go back to the day's when life was nothing more then a few hiccups. We could all navigate just fine.

  2. We all have bad days and react in anger when normally we would not. A person can only take so much. The victory comes in recognizing our mistakes and making up for them when we can. Better to have vented on FB than being ugly to someone on the phone who may or may not have been responsible for the problem. It's all good Nonie. Give yourself a pass on this one. :)