Saturday, 26 June 2021

Having a heat wave

High for today  105

That is on the low side, we are predicted  to  reach 116 by Tuesday.  So it is a good time to think about doing some fun machine embroidery.  Alright, a small confession, I still intimidated by that machine. 

what brought all this about to me is:  My grandmother left these:

If you do not know, they are napkin rings.  The two on the ends are plain, but the others have an inscription on them.  They were a gift, probably Christmas, to my Dad, and his sisters, from their grandma.

Each one is inscribed, with Grandma to and the name. 

This made sure that each child, had their own napkin for that week.  Laundry was done once a week, and you kept the same napkin for that week.

So how does that bring about machine embroidery? 

I want to embroider some napkins with

The gathering basket design by JUJU

I just think, that the napkin rings, should be used and what better way to honor those rings and make them special, then to have embroidered napkins.


  1. The napkin rings are so special, Nonie, especially because they were given to your Dad from his Grandma. Oh my, they are old and treasured. What a lovely photo that is with the peach roses. It will be nice when you embroider some napkins and place them in the rings. 116 degrees by Tuesday! Oh, please try to stay cool, Nonie. It's really warm here this weekend, but hopefully not that hot.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


    1. The peach roses are so pretty, I do love that table setting. I do wonder what life was like, back in the day of table settings and napkin rings.

  2. I ❤️ reading your pretty blog ❣️
    Love, bj

  3. Nonie, the napkin rings are a precious keepsake. Wow, 116 is unbelievable…stay inside!

  4. Pam, they are treasure and I am lucky to have them. I agree, staying in, is a very good idea.