Sunday, 23 May 2021


No perfection here!

I have been  working on these pocket prayer quilts for awhile now.

Sometimes they go together pretty easy and other times it is just frustration.

What is a pocket prayer quilt?

It is a tiny quilt measuring 2 inches x 2 inches, with a tiny cross inside.

You can then carry the tiny quilt in your purse or pocket and through out the day, you can hold the tiny quilt, let your fingers find the tiny cross and remember who is in control.

Some were not turning out, without a flaw.

I had to go back and fix the mistake.  Most of it was working with the sewing machine. 

It had no patience for such tiny seams.

As frustration built, I thought isn't this what the cross

is all about?  

Imperfection, is what we all face and the cross gives us

a look at who is perfect.  who is going back and fixing our mistakes.

I am making these for the patient's in the oncology dept. at our local hospital .

I hope they don't mind if there are imperfections in their little quilt. 

I hope these bring some peace and just let people know, they are loved and being prayed for.

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  1. The pocket prayer quilt is so special, Nonie. Anyone would love to get one of these for a gift. What a wonderful thing you are doing in making them.