Thursday, 6 May 2021

Garden fail-

So, they say it is good to confess.  So here goes.

I had illusions of having a breath taking garden.  Actually I hardly have 

room to grow weeds!

Although I moved this bulb and it actually grew and bloomed.

Back to the confession.

I purchased a bunch if bulbs, from a school fund raiser.

Remember I had this dream of a lush, garden.

The bulbs arrived, I googled what they were and how to plant them. I made notes, and marked them.  walked my garden space looking for just the right spot!

Planting day came this morning. I dug up the dirt,

scattered the bulbs!😕

That's it!


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. My garden would be like yours -1 flower if I was lucky. I have been to your beautiful state and love it. Come back any time............Linda

  2. The Iris is so pretty, and what a vibrant color. I've been wanting to plant a rose bush in my front yard, but it's so hard to get landscapers up here in the mountains. I may have to plant one myself haha.