Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Lets go Mountain Biking

                Live in the mountains, then get yourself a bike and explore the mountains.

Well, those days have passed for me, but my son really loves being in the mountains and heads there anytime he has a chance.
He really, got back into it, after he injured his back at work.   
The doctor told him to help heal his back and prevent further injury, he should strengthen his core.
He went out and bought this:

And did this

 and this

and even this

People come from miles around just to see our mountain flowers
They put on a real show.

Then you send all your pictures to mom


  1. Nonie, I didn't know you lived in the mountains, that's wonderful. It's great that your son bought a mountains bike and is starting to ride again. I used to ride all the time in my old town. I'm sorry to hear about your son's back injury and I do hope he heals quickly. The mountain flowers are beautiful. Have a good week, Nonie.


  2. I'm looking at your photos, thinking that looks like the area above Wenatchee . . . so I go to your profile and look at your location. Surprise! I was there to pick up my new glasses at Costco on Monday . . . we could have met for lunch. Well, a picnic in the park . . . I had my two dogs with me. So, I went into Costco and only got my glasses, didn't buy a thing, LOL. I didn't want to leave Beulah home with her cone head (after surgery) and didn't want to leave them in the car for long. So; it was a quick trip, there and back home again. I've always thought that Wenatchee was the prettiest town in the state . . . of course I haven't seen them all, but it is certainly beautiful there.
    Have a sweet Memorial Day weekend.

    1. Connie! I am so excited to think you were as close to me as Costco. Yes, it is (to me) the prettiest town in the state.

  3. Sheri, Wenatchee is mountains and river and if you climb out of the valley, you will be on the plains.