Monday, 24 May 2021

Becoming Minimal

Part of the downsizing process for me, was not to become a minimalist.

In fact, I didn't know there was such a thing.  My daughter was the first to clue me in, when she started 'helping' me.  With her, "you don't really need that mom" talk.

We downsized because of health reasons.  Going from a five bedroom, three bath home, with formal dinning room, to a (gasp) two bedroom two bath home.  Needless to say, in the move a lot of things got tossed!

I confess, I was very upset.  I needed my stuff.   

Not even what I thought of as a home, this move took me to a mobile home.

Pam on her Everydayliving blog had a give away.  A book!  Called!!

Biblical Minimalism.   Even if I didn't win the book and I never win anything, I was going to buy the book.  I felt It was the help I needed in letting go.

If you need a visual of where your things go, that you have hung onto Well, here is just what happens  to all those (treasures)

This is not my place!  Not my mess, I didn't think to say that. I just wanted to say, to all , still hugging your stuff, this is what your kids will deal with.

There were three load like this , taken out.

This must have been the best of the stuff.  You know, the stuff worth saving😕

I am not 'there' yet.  Probably never will be, what I do know is, it is okay to throw it out.

I don't know what made them decided this was worth saving???

again, not mine!


  1. Well, I downsized about five years ago, and I like living in a smaller space. A big home is just too much to clean as we get older. That's good that you are learning to give things away, Nonie. I have given many things away too, and I've sold many items as well. When we give things away, it's nice to be able to treat ourselves once in awhile. haha. Hang in there with the downsizing. It's a process, and it doesn't happen over night. : )


    1. That dumpster was at a neighbors place, I think he went to assited living and his kids had to clean out his place. I am not quite that bad!

  2. Nonie, thanks for the shout out! Holding on to stuff is a big load to carry, trust me I know.

  3. Nonie, thank you ever so much for mentioning our book! It was a bright spot in my day to see this! God bless you on your continuing journey to a minimal life. It is so liberating, isn't it? And so in line with how Jesus wants us to live. Sending hugs and gratitude to you today!

    1. Very, very liberating, I hope others find out how free you are when letting go.