Wednesday, 5 May 2021


 Meet Drusilla

Dog person turned 'cat lady'.

After I lost our sweet, dog Joker, actually my sisters dog. but left in our care.
I thought maybe a trip to the Human society, to check
out puppies and see what they had.

Might as well check out the cat room, while there.
That is where I met Drusilla.
She was a volunteer, release, meaning her owners no longer wanted her.

So, she came home with me!

She really, likes boxes

Even boxes that still have the good in them.

When, she has explored all the boxes, she likes to hang out and discus
what's for dinner and other important events of her day.

A decision I am glad to have made. 


  1. I'm not a cat person, but she sure is pretty. You have taken wonderful photos of her, Nonie. I love that last one. I've had dogs all my life, and they make loyal companions. Isn't it funny how a simple box can entertain them? Are you back to blogging now?


    1. Sheri, I really went looking for a new dog, but! Yes, I am blogging again, I did miss all of you and am getting back to it.

  2. Nonie, Drusilla is a cute and feisty one it appears. Happy Thursday, dear one!

  3. I love her, and I adore that last picture! When I was growing up, we had nothing but cats. I married Clay, and he hates cats. So did his mom and sister. LOL I guess it's a family thing.
    I was feeding some strays until we got Sugar. I had to stop that because I was afraid they might jump on her, and she was so tiny then.