Saturday, 17 November 2018


The tree became a table

This is the table we will gather around for our thanksgiving dinner.

My son, made this table from a tree that was growing right where he wanted to build his house.

The tree was cut down.
Boards were cut from the tree and
the long process of waiting for the boards to dry began.
The table and benches, were then crafted from the board's.  The  table was loving brought into the house.
There it was to continue drying before the finish could be put on it. 

Soon, this table
will once again be surrounded
by family members. 
Giving thanks for all we have.


  1. It can't get any more special than that. I love the live edge, too. It is just gorgeous. What a family treasure! xo Diana

  2. Oh how wonderful. Such a beautiful table

  3. O My Goodness...this is such a beautiful table and I LOVE how much it means to you, Nonie.
    We sit on benches that my darling Mr. Sweet made years ago and I wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China.
    Have a blessed holiday

  4. That is the most awesome table. I remember you showing it before. And the fact that your son made it from a tree that was growing near his house is just wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nonie.