Monday, 26 November 2018


We are preparing

To bring Drusilla home!

That's right 

We got a kitty!!

I was actually on the hunt for another small dog after I lost Joker, last January.

You know how it goes, no dog quite measured up to what I lost.  Steve is a cat person, so a cat it is.
I was about to give up my search at the humane society. To be honest cats scare me.  In the past,  I have been bitten and I have been clawed.
so when a cat moves quickly I jump.
The young gal working there, said she knew of the perfect cat.  She brought  Drusilla out and oh my, what a sweet kitty. She snuggled up in my arms and started to purr. 
You just might see a lot of Drusilla


  1. Congratulations to you and to Drusilla . . . I know she will have a wonderful loving home. It's sweet that she connected with you right away :)

  2. Oh Nonie, I have to say I'm not a cat person, more of a dog person, but Drusilla looks so cute. I hope she's a good cat and doesn't bite or scratch. White animals are so pretty, and white horses are my favorite. Enjoy your new sweet kitty, Nonie.