Wednesday 21 November 2018



I have much to be thankful for.  Even though the year has come with twists and turns.

One of those thankful's , is all of you.  
I know God directed me to start writing again because I needed you.
I need your prayers,  your friendship and your support.
You have also given me so much more.  You have given me courage.  Courage to greet each day with a positive
Courage to carry on and do that decorating. I know, it seems like that would be the last of my concerns
but its not. Making your home a home at this time is very important. 
I can do this, I can shop, take Steve to the Dr. Take myself for appointments.
For all of this I am very thankful. 

Tomorrow, our family gathering will be small
Which is perfect. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Nonie. I didn't mean for my post to be sad, it's just reality, and although I won't see Nel for Christmas, Jess and all her family is coming over, and my son will be there too. It's just hard when some of our kids live so far away, and I'll rejoice in the day when my children are all together again. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nonie, with your family. I already made the pies! I'm thankful for blog friends like you as well.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Nonie, I hope you enjoyed the day.. XO