Monday, 12 November 2018


I almost didn't do a table center piece this year.
Doing holiday things are a challenge.

with inspiration from all my blogging friends, I went ahead and put a center piece together.

I thought I would stay whimsical

 I spotted this little guy I call Eric, at the supermarket. He had to come home with me.

 A few of pumpkins
 I will call it good.

I am so glad, I did
Thank you friends.


  1. Your harvest centerpiece is very nice, Nonie. And I especially like that little cloth doll. I think she adds something special. It takes time putting out our holiday stuff, but we are always glad we did cause it looks wonderful when we pass by. : )


  2. I love it-it is fun and whimsical and makes me smile. I didn't do much this year at all-being in temporary digs makes it hard to want to do too much. lol I hope you have a great week. xo Diana