Wednesday 24 October 2018


Make a Arnold Palmer

 Yes, my new obsession.  I don't have a recipe, I buy the mix at Wal-Mart😆. Probably should learn to make it with out a mix, it would probably be better.

I am back to my sewing machine, making totally worthless but cute Christmas presents.
The fabric bowls are to hold hot/cold things. You can put them in the microwave so your bowls can be lifted from the microwave with out fumbling around with a pot holder.  Or! you can put a bowl of ice cream in the holder and hold it on your lap.  
The placemats are for a daughter in law that wants a set for every holiday.  Right now, I am working on Christmas for her.

How about a coaster?
My daughter in law uses hers at work.
So, Life is good!

Roses from granddaughter Zoe
For our 60 wedding anniversary.


  1. Well, first off- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Those are not useless items at all! They are wonderful!!! I love the coaster, too! xo Diana

    1. Thank you! Auralie, got a lot of comments when she took her coaster to work. She let them know it was made just for her, by her Nonie. LOL

  2. OOO, my girl gave me one of the bowl holders and I use it ALL the time. Got to get a few to put in C'stockings this year.
    I don't even know what an Arnold Palmer is....

    1. I made several of the bowls for my great granddaughter, so her bowls would not be to hot.

      BJ< a Arnold Palmer is a mix of tea and lemonade. So good, the best of both worlds.

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  4. That coffee coaster is so charming. You have such a talent in sewing. My mom used to be a good seamstress and made many of my clothes growing up. Keep sewing, Nonie. The things you will make.

    Happy Anniversary....60 years, that's wonderful and so special.