Monday, 29 October 2018


One more visit to the patch.

Chloe and her best friend
How clever are these girls?
This is the Halloween dance.

 So many to chose from
where would one even start!

Oh my!  how you have grown.
Good job Mom & Dad, another year
of gathering pumpkins


  1. Oh this is a great post. I remember when I was little my mom used to take us up to the local farm, we'd go pumpkin picking, take photos in the cutouts and then to the shop they had to buy fresh apple cider and candy apples. That Halloween costume is so great! It's so nice to see a "nice" costume these days instead of young girls half dressed or makeup to look like something dead..LOL

  2. That is the cutest costume, Nonie. I'll have to show the girls this one, so funny. Oh, the little one is having fun at the pumpkin patch. I just went to one this weekend too! To see the baby looking all around and going on the train and rides was a thrill for me. This is such a cute picture of your little one.