Friday 19 October 2018


Not sure if this is true:   I heard that there are places in the south that do not enjoy fall colors!   I can not imagine missing out on the beauty.  Not to mention the fun of raking leaves.

So here is a little bit of my fall color.

Bring a little color inside.   Fall is so beautiful, I can not imagine not having the joy of it, plus getting to rake leaves.


  1. I am with you. I love living where I have all four seasons. Although; I have replaced the season we call Winter and now around here it is known as The Quilting Season, LOL.
    Have a sweet day and enjoy your beautiful Fall color.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  2. and I are on the same page today. I did color on my blog--I figured if I don't do it now by the end of this rainy, windy weekend our beautiful color will be gone. I would love to follow the color south one year and have an extended autumn. xo Diana

  3. Here in West Texas, we don't have a lot of trees and the ones we have aren't the ones that have changing colors. Oh, a few dot the land, here and there, but nothing like what you have.

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  5. Oh, what a glorious season, Nonie. Nel lives in the South, and she said Autumn is beautiful there. I love those sweet little dolls. Your pictures show the loveliness of Autumn in your area.


  6. We don't see a lot of those brilliant colors here in N. Louisiana. It depends on the what type of trees are nearby. My neighbor has one that is always beautiful, but it hasn't turned yet.
    The colors and how soon they change depend on if we have weather cold enough. Some years we might have a big dip in October, and some years it's not until up in November. A few are changing now and a few leaves are dropping.
    Tonight the temps will drop into the 40s so we'll see more leaves turning and falling.