Thursday 25 October 2018


Sorry about that!

When writing yesterday, I threw out the name of a drink called Arnold Palmer.  
Sometimes I think everyone knows everything and I am the only one that knows nothing.

Arnold Palmer, was a very famous golfer. NO! I do not golf nor do I know anyone that does.

I had my first Arnold Palmer drink on a hot day at a Chinese restaurant. I know right!! Who would guess that combination.

Half tea/half lemonade
There doesn't seem to be a recipe for making it, just half tea/half lemonade and lots of ice.

The name came when the famous golfer ordered a glass, on a hot day after a tournament. 

How I make it!

It comes in a can.
I buy it at Wal-Mart
Just found out Amazon will deliveršŸ˜‰
Does it get any better?
 It does get a little better if you add spirits, but, then it is a John Daley.

who knew I had all these useless facts??? 



  1. I've heard of the drink, Arnold Palmer, but didn't know what was in it. It looks refreshing, Nonie. And I do remember him back in the day as well. I had a boyfriend who liked watching him golf hehehehe.


  2. Nonie, that sounds like something I would like. And I get all the golf references since golfing is very much present in our house.