Monday 2 May 2022

Spring came 

and so did the flowers.  Winter looked so bleak for such a long time. When things look bleak, it seems like it all lasts a very long time. Our spring is wetter than usual, colder than usual, but still the flowers bloomed right on time.

Always the first to say hello.

They put on quite a show!
Next up the 
My favorite

Natures colors are so perfect, yes you can have red and yellow together.

When things look dark and bleak, hang in there, spring is right around the corner.


  1. Those red tulips made my heart sing today, Nonie. I love all the detail in this flower.. Isn't that yellow in the middle of the red tulip unique? Flowers are the magic in our lives, Nonie. I am hoping to plant a big rose bush this Spring.....we'll see. ; )


  2. Beautiful, Nonie! When we lived in MN I always looked forward to the brave little Crocus blossoms to poke through the snow! KarenVA