Monday 23 May 2022

Part two

The next part of Nana Diana's was to tell 11 things about me.

That took a bit of thinking on my part because I really do not know anymore.

So, thank you Diana for helping me stop and take a look at who I am.

Just love music, symphony to country.

I am a romantic

Fascinated by history and love touring old Victorian homes.  

I enjoy making wee care gowns for babies

and Christmas stockings for those going through chemo

Follow two amazing gals on you tube and pretend I can also decorate.

Make a just for me coffee drink

Now, that makes the day go amazing.

That about sums it up.  I am a pretty simple gal.


  1. Nonie, that's so special that you make Christmas stockings for those that are sick. The little dress is precious with the pink trim. That coffee drink sure looks good! And I love touring old Victorian homes too. I love that era, and used to decorate in that style at one time. We change through the years, but I still like looking at all the pretty tea cups and decor from that time period.

    Have a blessed week, Nonie.


  2. I loved learning about you and you seem like just the sweetest person ever. You are so lovely. Regine

  3. Nonie Here, still making me anonymous! Sherri, thank you so much for your comments.

    Regine, welcome to my little world and thank you!