Wednesday, 4 May 2022


 Once the trees were removed. Light could get to the area below the long branches. 

What was struggling to survive was three rose bushes.

The first one was in the worst shape 

I was hoping that cutting it back to what looked like it was alive and feeding the plant, then just maybe.

After a few weeks

It was alive and sending off new growth.

Now, to bring you up to date

So many questions.  What will the roses be like?


  1. I am wondering the same thing, Nonie. Will my roses have survived the Winter with the snow? Not sure if they did, but if my mini roses don't make it, I want to replace it with a BIG rose bush this Spring. I hope your roses did make it. The leaves look greener than mine. Roses are pretty sturdy flowers. I love them so.


    1. Sheri, I so love roses, I am so happy to have found those. Secretly I am hoping for a yellow rose. Nonie

  2. Nonie, hopefully the roses will thrive!