Thursday, 3 August 2017


                                            Way to hot!

No gardening today but I will dream and plan of what I want to do. One thing about moving is you get to make things new and to your liking.   The previous owner was not much of a garden person so I get a clean slate.  Although tiny, very, very tiny.  
I didn't know what this bush was, it is so different from anything I have seen.  So, I took a picture, posted on FaceBook and am told it is a sweet bush and they grow in the south.  why it does so good here is a mystery.



  1. That is such an interesting bush, Nonie, with a scent of nutmeg. I've never seen it before. I miss my garden very much at our old house. That's ok if yours is a tiny garden. I think those are sometimes better. Yes, way too hot here in California.

    Happy gardening, Nonie.


  2. I have never seen a bush like that, Nonie. I bet it smells just wonderful on a hot day! xo Diana

    1. Diana, those little pods smell so sweet, I was so afraid to smell one the first time I spotted the bush.


  3. Not only to hot, but we are getting very thick smoke from Canada. No outside fun for awhile. This bush is also new to me, I have never spotted one like it.