Tuesday, 8 August 2017


                                                103 is still to hot!

So I will keep planning my garden.  The good point now over the planning I will do this winter is-- in about two weeks the temps should drop and I will be able to do a lot of fall planting.

Big on my list is the white bombshell hydrangea.
 It will work perfectly in the spot I have chosen.  I will plant about 5 of them and make a hedge that will separate us from the neighbor.  It blooms in summer right when we need something new to bloom.
For my tiny patio area, I will concentrate on butterfly's and bees. 
 When I was at Lowe's this morning the bee balm plants were just humming away with bees, making the local honey I love so much.
 The colors were so pretty, but at 103 temps, now is not a good time to plant.

I will also be planting milkweed, and try to attract butterfly's.
 Also will plant a butterfly bush.  I had one in my old garden and it was planted by the patio, the smell was heavenly.  So one of those is also on my list.
Maybe staying in away from the heat and smoke is not such a bad thing.


  1. Nonie, your planting plans are much like mine. I got several new plants, including two hydrangeas. Our greenhouse had them in the middle of July. Then it got hot, and now it is so dry. Hopefully with these cooler days and nights all will be well. We had a couple milkweed growing nicely in our circle of the driveway. Some animal ate the tops off, so will have to be patient and see if new pods develop.

    I love your photoes of all the flowers...so pretty, I know we must be patient.

    1. Linda, isn't it exciting to plan a new garden? or just new plants for your already established garden. Wonder what animal liked the tops of your butterfly bush? We are supposed to cool down soon, sure hope so.

  2. wow...103 is H.O.T.
    Our days seem to be getting cooler and we've had rain and clouds for a few days...I've had a grandgirl with me the last few days and nights and she sure helps my sadness feel better. Love to you, Nonie

    1. BJ, Prayers everyday for you. I am glad your grandgirl is spending time with you, something about youth that really can refresh the soul. It has been such a short time, give it time and the sharpness goes away. I think we just learn to handle sadness, it never goes away.
      I sure would love a biscuit lesson from you. I love biscuits but mine always flop.

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  4. Nonie, These are really nice pictures, and you got one of the butterfly! It's so hard to get a picture of this fellow cause they flutter about so quickly. And one blog friend was saying that she hasn't seen many of them this year. Oh, are those daisies? I love daisies. I think a flower is even prettier with a bee settling on it, like this one.

    to answer your question.....I'm not sure what flowers attract the birds. I know there are a couple that the hummingbird likes. A lot of people put hummingbird feeders out, and I think that's good of you to plant bushes instead. I think it's a very special gift when they come to us naturally. Your five white hydrangeas are going to look beautiful.