Tuesday 21 November 2023

Time to be thankful


I know who took the picture, grandson Shane, I know he is hiking in the Cascade mountains, exactly where I don't know.

I love that he takes pictures as he hikes.  I love that he shares the pictures, even if he's not good about telling me where he took the picture.

Thank you for all your kind words and thank you for just visiting. I know the holidays are going to be hard, I have a great support system but still the pain will be mine.

I am stopping to be thankful for all the years we were able to spend together. For all the adventures we shared.  For our children and grandchildren.  I am thankful Steve knew Christ.  I am thankful he is no longer in pain and suffering.

I know the next few days and even months are going to be hard, the kids are going to be right here with me and we will do this together.  


  1. Your grandson's photo of the Cascade mountains is beautiful, Nonie. I have a blog friend who lives in that area. It's so nice. I'm so glad that you have your children right there with you this holiday season. And you shared so many things you are thankful for this season.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Nonie, and I always look forward to the Christmas season. : )


  2. Sorry to be late...life.
    Love the photo!