Monday, 7 February 2022

Try to organize

Living tiny is a work in progress. 

Every day, I move something to see if it will work better in another place.  If nothing else, this is an adventure. I think

the worst pace is the kitchen followed by my sewing room. Two places I send the most time. Trying to so some planning before we moved in, I had the counter space built out in the kitchen area. 

It was a terrible space, so much just wasted. To make things clear this is not the home I wanted to buy, it was a deal with the hand you are dealt type of thing.

Huge waste of space. (before)

Knowing I have large appliances, that I am not planning on getting rid of, I thought what not expand that space.  That would make a larger workspace plus a storage area.

so, I asked the builders to attack the kitchen first.

Sorry for the pictures, Steve took them with his phone. I had the area made into one large space. Below there are two shelves (very deep) on the left. Plus, on the right side there are shelves.

Large appliances, such as mixers, and slow cookers are stored there.

I was even able to have a full-sized sink installed. I have no clue why they put tiny little things in the kitchen and bath.  Good grief, do they not know you are actually going to live here?
I do have a question about that light fixture, that space looking thing. 

Is that something you would keep?


  1. A little kitchen improvement goes a long way. Your kitchen looks nice now and spacious. I also have a small kitchen in this mountain home, but it's functional. I like the color of your cabinets and the border along the wall. That's a big space to the left for mixing, preparing, and serving. I enjoy seeing before and after photos - so many creative things people do with their homes.


    1. I love my big workspace. The cabinets have ended up repainted. a picture will come later. There is a lot to like in a tiny kitchen.

  2. Nonie, that looks great! I want to have the kitchen cabinets painted when I move in a color similar to that, and hopefully get a larger sink. I hate those 2 shallow sinks they put in most smaller homes or mobile homes.

    1. Shirley, yes, get that larger sink. I have no clue why they put those tiny things in there in the first place.

  3. I really like what you've done to get more usable space! But, I think you would like a new light fixture that actually gives you more light to work with--that one is just for "decoration" and it doesn't seem to fit your personality! Hugs, Karen

  4. Karen, I think you nailed it, that light is defiantly not me.