Tuesday 15 February 2022

A search for green

The snow is melting so slow, the sun has been shinning for the last few days and that does help but it is still a pile of dirty.

The pretty white fluffy snow has become a pile of frozen dirt.

So, I went on a search for signs of life.
I know it is only February, not sure what I would find.

Well, look who is peaking from the leaves!
I wasn't sure the Hen and chicks would survive temperatures reaching zero.

Greener!  I think these are violas. I am not clearing away any leaves, our nights are still freezing.

No clue what this is, it is green and that is all that matters right now. 

The Iris! Looks like we will have new ones.

Last of all is a very confused house plant. 

Leave it to me to have a few of those.

A Christmas cactus that decided it was ready to show some love.

The garden is not ready for clean up, I just needed to know it will be there when the time comes.


  1. Yes, the white snow is the prettiest. When the workers use their huge machines to plow the snow from the streets, it piles up on the sides of the road, and it starts to look dirty and messy. When it melts, it's time for clean up, and it's a lot of work. But despite that, I do love when it snows. It sounds like you have seen some early signs of Spring with the green photos. The Christmas cactus is pretty. And that sweet chick is hiding from the harsh cold weather. I have been wanting to get outside and mosey around the yard, but it's still too cold yet.

    Have a good week, Nonie.


  2. I am so glad you made discoveries of green underneath the muddy snow. The promise of spring brings hope!