Thursday 10 February 2022

A few more before and after

When I spotted the brown tiles for the back splash area, everything changed.

Another before picture:


The wall color is Sherwin/Williams, Macadamia

The back tile is from Lowes.  The cabinets got a coat of S/W White oil base.

The spice rack has been with me forever! I spotted the large version in a store selling spices and they got in the smaller version for me.

You might notice a lot of Mrs. Dash seasoning. Steve is not to have salt (but I know he sneaks it).

The rest of my spices are in the tiny cabinet above.

I tried one of those "As seen on TV" shelf units. I have only seven inches of space and was able to get one rack in.

Before, very disorganized

Better. I am trying to decide if I should install the puck light. Of course, I would stick it to the top. Not sure if it will take up too much space.  I am working with seven inches.



  1. Your kitchen after looks very nice, Nonie, with the tile and the macadamia wall color. I love that spice rack too. I should get one like that. Looks like you got a new microwave too. You did good with the colors. It all looks wonderful.


    1. Thank you, Sheri, yes, I did get a new microwave, now if I could just afford a new wall oven.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Nonie. Have a sweet day filled with chocolate and love.