Tuesday 21 September 2021

My high school Bible

 I had some pretty big (to me) problems arise. I  was so used to having Hubby, make most of the decisions,  because,  well,  I wanted it that way.

Not, that we didn't discus what we should do.   We always made the big decisions together.

Well, that sure back fired!  I am now left, with making all the decisions and tending to his care.
Thank God, for God. 
I was tossing most of the night, over some decisions.  Pretty big ones.

Then a voice said "remember what Mary wrote in your bible"

Those words, have meant do much to me through the years. 
I calm my mind.  Remember Mary and know, if I put my trust where it belongs, then everything will be alright.

Somethings will just fall into place.


  1. Thank you, Nonie, for these special words. I really needed them as well. Sometimes we have to make decisions on our own, and it's not always easy. But listening to wonderful verses and trusting makes everything better. That is so special that you still have your high school Bible.
    Hang in there, dear friend. And sending comfort and love to you today.


  2. It is definitely about the direction we are looking. Keeping our eyes on Jesus and giving all of our praise and all of our problems to Him. He is always listening and He will not forsake us.