Thursday, 24 September 2020

Such a short time ago

June 2019

Such a short time ago

This picture of Steve and our daughter Janel was taken June of 2019.

They were waiting for me at the eye Dr. 

I found this on his phone.  Apparently while they were in the waiting   Janel, got a little creative and did a selfie, with her dad.

I am so glad she did, as he has changed so much,  in such a short period of time. 

This was after his stroke but before the dementia had set it.

Thank you all for taking the time to write and help me with my journey.

Angela, suggested I keep positives in mind.

So today, I am so happy I found this on his phone

The sun is shining and we had some well needed rain.

I have a huge support system, thanks to all of you.  


  1. Nonie, that is a sweet picture of your loved ones. your daughter will be happy she took it. blessings, xox, susie

    1. Thank you Susie, do you know, she doesn't remember taking it! There was a reason it was takin and that was to be found at a later date.

  2. Such a wonderful picture. I am so glad you found it.

  3. You have a very handsome sweetie! Hugs, Karen

  4. What a great photo. So glad you were able to find it.. yes looking for the positive isn't always possible each day but even if we can mustar up the courage to look for one positive thing in our day even if it's the tiniest, it helps... XO

  5. Robyn, you are so right. Some day's I have to work at it, but even doing that keeps my mind busy, focusing on something else.

  6. This is a sweet picture of your husband and daughter, Nonie. A treasured photo for sure.