Thursday, 3 October 2019


Fall and time to go inside.
This post is very hard for me, but
I feel I really need to share.
I need to come to grips!

We moved to this mobile home community
after Steve had his heart attack and five way
by pass.  There was just so  much to be done
to keep up our home and that was no
longer possible, without hiring help.

Mobile homes are hard to find, we
were lucky and found this one by
word of mouth. So far all the homes
in this area go before ever going on the market.

With that said! it was not in the best shape,
But we dug in.  Not long after we moved in,I
got pneumonia and spent several weeks in the hospital.

The next big thing to happen Steve had
a stroke! 

Now!! it is time to dig in and turn this place into
a home, I can be proud of.
This is the dining room. 
I want to do something to the cabinets, 
not sure what!

They are dark holes at night

This is the ugly dining room light. 
I think a small chandelier, would look nice.
What do you think?  

The next thing that has to go is the ugly
kitchen lights.
That is probably enough ugly for one post.
besides it is a bit embarrassing.  


  1. Looks like you have good bones to work with. For the china cabinet area, you can add some battery puck lights that stick on to the bottom of the shelves. That would make them really light up. I use those under my cabinets in the kitchen. Some you can buy as a group with 3 to 6 lights and they even have a remote. I found mine on amazon.

    1. Thank you so much. Lowe's was supposed to have them but when I went there, there was no six pack lights. So, I did go to Amazon and ordered the six pack as that is what I will need. Thank you, thank you.

  2. I really like the white cabinets in the dining room, Nonie. Maybe you can just deck them out for the holidays (Red for Christmas would stand out against the white). I noticed the yellow flowers on your table. They look perfect for Autumn. It's nice to see the changes and additions you are making with your new place. And it seems that you are getting into the decorating spirit, which is always fun and creative.


    1. Sheri, I am starting to get excited about decorating. About time, we have been here awhile! Now, I am starting to look forward to the holidays.

  3. Nonie, You could hang some small cabinet lights inside the cabinets for brightness. Oh I agree about those lights in the kitchen. We some times do what we have to do. I think Ted and I may be selling and moving into a smaller place one day in our future. I can not keep up with this big yard and the shop and house. Wishing you the very best. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Susie, I am trying to look at this with a new focus. Maybe decorating and buying new things will not be so bad. Prayers for you and Ted.

  4. You know it doesn't matter if you live in a mobile home or a five hundred thousand dollar home. Most rooms are just retangled boxes and you can do so much with paint and items from your local Home Depot. That and a little creativity and you have the perfect home. Have fun feathering your best.

    1. Feathering your nest, LOL

    2. Connie, you are so right. I must get busy and do some feathering. Thank you

  5. What about painting the back paneling on the inside of the glass cabinets? It could be a color to make them pop. Maybe a light blue or turquoise. The lights will help too. I think you've done a great job thus far. And isn't it fun??!!